Stanley Robotics is a highly ambitious robotics start-up launched in January 2015. Set to revolutionise the car-parking world with an automated valet service, our robots can move any vehicle. We don’t just want to make the experience of car parking better; we want to get rid of it altogether!

Already seeing strong growth with several key accounts (car parking providers), Stanley Robotics has raised equity from big name investors and in 2017 will be rolling out several large-scale projects.

Do you want to join a team in Paris that is brimming with energy, committed to a mission and on a highly innovative entrepreneurial adventure? Do you want to grow in a high-level tech environment with no constraints? Do you want to bring your energy to a company with global ambition?

Your challenge

It can be summed up in four words: MAKE THE ROBOTS MOVE.

You will create and make sure our robots get a robust, custom ROS architecture.

With the ‘robot software’ team, you will help develop a unique path planning for a non-holonomic robot, taking into account both static and dynamic obstacles. Then, you will set, test and approve adapted command and control strategies and do all you can to improve performance in the robot’s movements while making sure both the robot and the infrastructure have maximal security at all times.

We strive to make you work on what you're best at.



You are a proven fighter. You are committed to making SR a world leader in car parking that moves twice as fast as the competition. You have the willingness and the energy to go the extra mile even when things get tough. You never give up and you’re not scared of being wrong. You’re an optimist. You love getting things done quickly just as much as you love technical feats. You embrace the challenges set by management and defend our growth interests. A team player, you arrive with a smile in the morning and have a ‘can-do attitude’. You don’t say ‘it’s impossible’ but ‘right, this is a journey to the impossible, how will we get there’.

With a background in engineering, you have proven your worth with about 15 years of experience in robotics development. Now you would like to see yourself controlling a one-tonne robot.

From a technical standpoint, you have in-depth knowledge of path planning methods and control. You know C++ and Python (in ROS) and have some knowledge of Java.

You understand and are excited by the challenge of working with a startup. Your technical and communication skills mean you will be able to communicate easily with the technical and client project teams. When you come up against a problem, you communicate easily. You’re a fast learner, you go straight to the point.  Autonomous, you’re not afraid of getting your hands dirty. You are comfortable in English.


Pay: attractive(+ meal vouchers, health insurance, company shares)